Features of StreamKar App

features of streamkar app
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StreamKar primarily targets young individuals interested in gaining fans and earning money by showcasing their talents. Users can register on the app, apply for hosting through official agency Beone Agency, and, upon approval, start live streaming to build a fan base and earn money.

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StreamKar is a live-streaming app that offers a variety of features to enhance the live-streaming experience and connect streamers with their audience. Here are some key features of the StreamKar app:

  1. Live Video Streaming: Users can go live and broadcast videos in real-time. They can interact with people from around the world, engage in video calls, and chat with their audience.

  2. Spotlight Star: This feature allows users to showcase their talents, such as dancing, singing, cooking, and mimicking. Users can become stars by performing for a designated period, and StreamKar pays them per session. Users can apply for the spotlight through the Beone agency.

  3. App Gifts: Users can send virtual gifts to their favorite streamers as a way to express appreciation and support. These virtual gifts include items like roses, kiss emojis, ice-creams, hearts, and more. To earn coins on StreamKar, users simply need to start streaming and receive gifts from their audience as a form of appreciation. Hosts also receive a salary upon completing specific targets.

  4. Exciting Games: StreamKar offers games that provide virtual rewards like entrance effects and audio themes. One popular game on the platform is Teen Patti, which allows users to win or lose virtual coins.

  5. Post Your Status: Users can share their photos, videos, and thoughts, allowing friends and followers to stay updated about their daily life.

  6. Squad/Group Features: Users can join or create groups, add friends, and engage in group interactions. This feature facilitates playing games together and fostering a sense of community.

  7. PK Battles: StreamKar incorporates engaging features that contribute to the app’s popularity. For example, the “PK” feature enables hosts to challenge each other in a 5-minute match to receive more gifts

  8. Audio Conference Room: Users can initiate audio conference calls within a group, enabling multiple people to communicate and share experiences simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for interacting with a larger audience at once.

StreamKar is designed to provide a platform for users to connect, express their talents, and engage with others through live streaming. The combination of live video streaming, talent showcases, interactive features, and gaming creates a dynamic and engaging experience for both streamers and their audience.


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